Not just any fence

This is a fantastic all oak fence made with panels, trellis, and posts supplied by Quercus. The woven construction allows light and air to filter through, it looks stunning and will last a long, long time.


New guests

              I am now hosting a beehive, courtesy of Sharon from The London Beekeepers Association. In the first photo we can see a frame with a good amount of honey collected. In the second photo, from lower down the hive a frame from the brood chamber. Sharon is slowly teaching…


Whats’ been flowering this year, in my garden anyway

One of the flowers in my hedgerow, Rosa canina. Fremontodendron A weed? or good for the bees, Pilosella aurantiaca looking a bit like a sea anenome – Grevillea rosmarinifolia brilliant acid colours for months, Euphorbia schillingii Helianthus annuus – Velvet Queen, looks great. Multiple heads are a bonus


Echium pinana

Echuim pinana. An impressive statuesque plant from a distance, but look close-up and see the beautiful delicate flowers in contrast to the coarse hairy leaves

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