Greentide is a landscaping and gardening company based in South London. Our aim is to give clients the garden environment they want, and help deliver that result with informed, thoughtful and considerate contributions.

We  design, construct, and maintain private and commercial gardens. This includes both hard and soft landscaping to either renew or reshape gardens. We are happy to give advice, and carry forward larger projects with CAD drawings to ensure accurate costings and correct ordering of materials. Where practical we encourage clients to recycle materials onsite, or use recycled materials in garden construction. We install irrigation systems to comply with water authority regulations, which could have been used during the 2012 hosepipe ban.  We have recently started working with a junior school to maintain, develop, and enhance the various garden areas within the school grounds, and we are maintaining and developing several large gardens for commercial clients.

The page ‘PROJECT PORTFOLIO’ shows some examples of gardening projects, hard landscaping, water features, and things that attracted our eye as the seasons pass. No job is too small, none too large.